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Cationic etherified starch

AR Grade 25kg/bag  Cationic etherifiedstarch

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Cationic etherified starch



Indicator requirements


White powder



Viscosity(mpa.S) (6%  95℃)








Degree of substitution


a.Gelatinization temperature is low,Thepaste liquid is clear and transparent,Good fluidity,Place a longer time.b.It can be negatively charged fibers andfillers occurs adsorption,thereby improving the small fiber retention,reduceenergy consumption.c.Due to the high potential of cationicstarch,it can make starch, fiber and filler flocculation phenomenon,The degreeof beating the paper decreased,it can accelerate filtration,improve papermachine speed,reduce the white water concentration,reduce pollution,reduceenergy consumption.d. Forming hydrogen bonds between the fiberand filler,increase the binding force,So can improve the dry and wet strengthof paper and paperboard,reduce papermaking process interrupts.

e.In the recovery of damaged paper,it canreduce the solids in waste water,And biological oxygen consumption.

f.Moisture, viscosity and degree ofsubstitution can be specified within the scope of the user requirements.

C.Description of use

This product is a quaternary ammoniumcationic starch,in a wide range of PH value were cationic,

It can be used as neutral sizingemulsifier.Retention aid filter, enhancer and surface sizing agent.

a.Preparationof paste liquid:This product was added to cold water,after tune into 4% --- 5%Starch stirring evenly,Heating up 95 degrees,And maintained at this temperaturefor 20 minutes,adding cold water dilute a certain concentration,reserve in theheat of 60 degrees.b. Add Method:

1.Retention,filter aids based:Add location near the headbox,add the amount of 0.5-1%(absolute dry pulp volume),preferably continuously added.

2.Enhancedmainly:Join the site in the slurry tank or beater,added before adding alum andother chemicals,Addition amount of 1-2%.

3.For neutralsizing:Added location in the slurry tank in the general,the best conditions tojoin in two parts,30% added to the headbox,70% join in the slurry pool.Usingthe concentration of 1-2%.

4.Surfacesizing:Adopt rubber roller surface sizing or calender sizing.

AR Grade 25kg/bag  Cationic etherifiedstarch

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