KangPuHuiWei’s Sustainable ecologicaldevelopment refers to the development of the ability to meet the needs of thepresent without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirneeds.In other words, it refers to the coordinated development of economy,society, resources and environmental protection.They are an inseparable system,not only to achieve the purpose of economic development, but also to protectthe human survival of the atmosphere, fresh water, sea, land and forests andother natural resources and the environment to enable future generations tosustainable development and live and work.The core of sustainable developmentis development,but requires under the premise of strict control of population,improve the quality of the population and protect the environment, thesustainable use of resources for economic and social development.

Economic development is necessary for humansurvival and progress, but also the material security of social development andto maintain and improve the environment.In particular for developingcountries,development is particularly important,must choose the right way touse energy and raw materials,and strive to reduce losses, eliminate waste,reduce economic activity caused by environmental pressures, so as to achievesustainable economic growth.Since the causes of environmental degradation existin the economic process, the solution can only be found from the economicprocess.The urgent the problem need to solve is to study the distortion andmisunderstanding in the economic development,and stand in the position of theprotection of the environment, especially to protect all capital stock, tocorrect them,so that the traditional model of economic growth gradually transitionto sustainable development model.